The first meeting of the Scientific Council of the Farabi World Congress


According to the report of the Public Relations Department of the Institute of Cultural and Social Studies, the first meeting of the Scientific Council of “The First Farabi World Congress, Islamic Culture and Civilization” was held on Sunday, July 17, 2022 at the Institute’s Farabi Hall. In this meeting, beside Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Reza Gholami, the director of the Institute and the president of the Farabi World Congress, and Dr. Mahouzi, the Research Deputy of the Institute and the Scientific Secretary of the Congress, such individuals as Dr. Najaf Lakzai, director of the Research Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture, Dr. Mahdi Abbaszadeh, research deputy of the Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought, Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Mohsen Mohajernia and Dr. Bahrani were present. They discussed and exchanged opinions about the composition of the Scientific Council of the Congress, the participation of domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, and the side programs of the Congress.

In this regard, it was decided that since this congress is designed internationally, prominent Farabi scholars of the world and important universities of the Islamic world, especially Kazakhstan, the contemporary country where Farabi was born, will find a prominent position in the Congress. In addition to this, it was agreed to support the Islamic Science and Culture Research Institute in order to produce and publish the Farabi Encyclopaedia faster while designing the Farabi Scholars Information Bank in the Congress Secretariat.

As suggested by Dr. Mahouzi, the Scientific Deputy of the Congress, a special letter were organized and published with the aim of rereading Farabi’s thoughts and reflecting the side programs of this congress, including specialized pre-meetings and discussions of Iranian and international Farabi scholars with contemporary humanities scholars, honoring prominent Farabi scholars. Iranian and non-Iranian, interviews, etc. will be published in these newsletters. Activating seminary centers and scientific groups under the responsibility of the Research Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture was also one of the resolutions of this meeting.

Dr. Gholami, the director of the Institute, also announced the attempts to make Farabi and his thoughts known in the form of publishing the Farabi Encyclopedia and designing television and news programs among the goals of this congress, that require careful planning.

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